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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is accepted as probably the most effective therapy for anxiety, stress and even changing habits like smoking. The UK government has committed £170 million to training 3,000 new CBT therapists to help with depression. However many therapists are now combining CBT with clinical hypnosis to achieve even better results in a therapy known as Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy already has a good history of efficacy with recognition from the British Medical Association, the American Medical Association – and more recently the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). Indications from several studies show that combining hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy demonstrates a multiplier in effectiveness.

The problem with CBT is that many therapists spend far too long talking about and discussing negative thoughts. This is important however with hypnotherapy there is always the move to the next step – i.e. practicing and rehearsing positive thoughts and behaviours. So after identifying and challenging negative thoughts the therapist has the client go into hypnosis and rehearse being in challenging situations while imagining thinking positive thoughts and behaving more confidently. The results are impressive, quick and long lasting as clients develop new habits of positive thinking and behaviour.

Hypnotherapy is nearly always combined with relaxation – and for many simply learning to relax deeply changes their anxiety, stress and boosts their confidence.

The use of CBT and hypnotherapy is a powerful combination for treating anxiety, stress and low confidence, as well as habit control issues such as smoking and drinking.
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Hypnotherapy – effective and has a scientific basis.

In the United Kingdom hypnotherapy is classified as Complementary and Alternative Medicine, lumped together with a range of new age therapies. However this is completely at odds with its historical and scientific roots. Hypnosis was the scientific term used to describe the physiological and psychological state that occurred when individuals were responding in an increased or unusual fashion to suggestions and expectations.

19th century society was excited with the apparent healings of Franz Mesmer which he claimed was due to his magnetic energy. A group of scientists proved, by having someone drink a glass of plain water which they said had been treated by Mesmer and noting the patient fell into trance just the same, that Mesmer’s healings were happening due to the beliefs and expectations of the patients. A Victorian scientist who further investigated this phenomena called it “hypnosis” - meaning a type of neurological sleep.

As we can see hypnosis is rooted in scientific skepticism and is often opposed to many forms of complementary and alternative medicine which find their efficacy in the suggestion and expectation (also known as “the placebo effect”).

While the public is quite confused by stage comedy hypnosis there is a substantial body of evidence and research showing that the clinical use of hypnosis is effective for a wide range of issues – and moreover it is completely safe.

Hypnotherapy training - Hypno-CBT®

The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy was the first hypnotherapy training institution in the UK to provide training in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy - the integration of cognitive behavioural therapy with hypnotherapy.

In many ways hypnotherapy in its earliest forms can be considered a type of early CBT - as the focus was on improvements in symptoms - specifically behaviour, ideas and feelings (the domains of behaviour, cognition and affect that are typically targeted in cognitive behavioural therapy).

The College continues to offer high quality courses in evidence-based hypnotherapy with a strong focus on evidence-based practice and modern theoretical models of hypnosis. Included in the training is the proprietary system of Hypno-CBT® which is a tight integration of hypnosis and CBT that acknowledges the central role of autosuggestion (also known as automatic beliefs in CBT or "cognitive fusion" in ACT).

Read about the diploma in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and the UK College here:



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